Skyline Air S-LED Lightbar

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Product Description

Skyline Air S 120cm LED lightbar from 911Signal is one of the thinnest and lightest LED light bars you can find on the market.

  • It uses the latest LED technology, pwm frequency-converting techniques and 12/24 V feature high lighting performance and low amp draw.
  • It’s designed for all application scenarios on emergency vehicles, first responders, maintenance vehicles, etc.
  • It’s available in both single and dual color models.
  • Anti-cracking, UV light resistant Polycarbonate material is used in its housing, offereing a good resistance to outdoor weather conditions.
  • Upgrated lens seal technology is applied to gurantee an excellent protection against water and dust.  IPX8 and IP9K rating makes it the best sealed lightbar on the market.
  • Aluminium chassis and patented thermal technology dissipate the heat generated in a timely fashion, adding another layer of proction to the stable performance of the light bar.
  • Internal modules and components are easily accessible, making the maintenance and after sales services a task without hussle.