PT4-6- LED Traffic Director

The PT4-8 TIR Traffic Advisor is available in solid and split colors. The flash pattern memory contains 30 ready to use flash and directional patterns.Meet and Exceeds: ECE R65 XA1,ECE R10, SAE. Can work with all our range of switch panels , BR990 is recommended.

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Product Description

Light Characteristics
PT4-8: 32PCS 3W LED
LED Lifespan: 100,000H
Flash settings: 1-4HZ
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage: DC 10-30V
Physical Characteristics
Colour Available
Ambient temperature: -20–+65℃
Waterproof: IP65
Mounting : T-Shaped Screws or Bracker
Meet and Exceeds: ECE R65 XA1 00 0026, ECE R10 03 12468, SAE-07-W-2
Product Dimension
PT4-8:112cm L x 5.5cm W x 4.5cm