Vasa-shop is a provider of emergency vehicle warning solutions which includes visual and acoustic warning elements, and a provider of other road safety products.

Vasa-shop was founded in Paris, France in the year of 2017. Committed to supplying the market with warning light products of reliable quality, fast delivery, easy ordering, we relocated to the Grand-Paris region in 2020 and deployed an online shop. Our mission is to assist in the success of our clients in the automotive industry with our expertise in warning solutions, and responsive customer service.





Originated in 1998, 911 Signal has been dedicated to developing excellent-quality emergency vehicle warning solutions and control systems. 911 Signal is well on the way to becoming the most professional and innovative supplier in the industry. Its product line is comprised of the indispensable safety warning products within the sectors of automotive, aviation, maritime, and outdoor’.


-Strict quality control measures

Arduous and strict quality control measures are implemented from the minute raw materials arrive the factory to the moment packaged products leave the plant. With the newest Coordinate Measuring Machine, we are able to check even the most irregularly shaped components to see if they meet our requirements. Our testing processes allow us to fully comply with and exceed CE, and ECE regulations.


-Product designer that hears your voice

Each year the 911Signal team and Vasa-shop team travel to exhibit in major trade shows including but not confined to IACP, APPEX, MILIPOL, RETT, Automechanika. We follow market trends closely and visit clients to get first-hand feedback. Combining comprehensive marketing research, customer requirements and feedback, we form the idea of a new product or update on existing products. We excel at designing and manufacturing warning systems in an innovative way that is responsive to the market demand. In the R&D team, engineers specializing in structure, electronics, process, optics and industrial design collaborate closely and efficiently to develop products tailored to the customers’ needs.


Thanks to our close relationship with the brand 911Signal, we are able to bring 911Signal products to the vicinity of European clients. Our close tie with 911Signal also means that we are able to closely monitor the production process so as to uphold the high-quality standard and directly answer to the European market demands. Our promise to dispatch all orders in 48 hours is backed up with our rich stock. Our commitment to 5 years product warranty derives from our confidence in the quality of 911Signal products.